Personal Injury

As a one attorney law office the Mark Humphreys Law Firm has probably handled more car wreck cases than any other one-lawyer firm in the Dallas - Fort Worth metro area. With a trained and experienced support staff Mark Humphreys has had great luck in getting positive results for his clients. There is not anything about a car wreck case that Mark Humphreys does not know about.

Whether your injury is a sore neck and back or an injury requiring surgery Mark has handled almost any situation that arises in the context of a car wreck. An unexpected impact really jerks the neck hard causing "whiplash" injuries, especially in rear end collisions which are problably 90% of the car wreck cases he handles. Even when a person knows the impact is going to occur, a sudden jolt is going to whip the head enough to cause at least some soreness and discomfort. And too often it causes the need for a surgical procedure.

Lots of knee injuries occur in car wrecks when a person hits the brake hard and then impacts. Others occur when the knee hits the underside of the dashboard. Yet others occur when the impact itself causes a twisting and turning of the legs.

Shoulder injuries and rotator cuff tears occur when gripping the steering wheel or when placing your hands in front of you before impact. Also, the seat belt grabbing at impact will cause some shoulder injuries. Side impacts are especially rough on shoulders.

The bad thing about most the injuries spoken of above is that the insurance companies will always say the person claiming injury is exaggerating their injury claim or that the injury is just an aggravation of an older injury that occurred at some other date, such as the athlete in high school who hurt his knee. When a person says he hurt his knee in the wreck the insurance company wants to say they he had the problem earlier and is using the wreck as an excuse to make money off the injury. Sad, but an everyday occurrence in the world of car wrecks and dealing with insurance companies.

The first few years Mark Humphreys was an attorney, he defended DWI cases, and as the result of that experience knows effective ways to pursue car wrecks involving a drunk driver who runs into innocent drivers struck by these people.

Prior to practicing law and while in college, Mark Humphreys spent a few years in management positions in the trucking industry. There he learned about practices used on the road by truckers and management that are very beneficial when pursuing a claim involving a trucking accident.

Vehicular accidents, on the job injuries, and other situations where people get injured are cases Mark Humphreys handles on a regular basis. Give him a call and see if he can help with your injury situation.