Life Insurance / Bad Faith / 1st Party Claims

Insurance / Bad Faith Insurance / 1st Party ClaimsThe type of insurance claim we handle is where an insurance company refuses to pay a claim that one of its own insureds (customers) is making.

This is where the customer makes a claim for benefits. In other words, the customer has a piece of property he believes is covered by an insurance policy, the property gets destroyed or damaged and the insurance company denies the claim for benefits citing any number of reasons. Some of the reasons are typically:

  1. The customer missed a payment
  2. Misrepresentation on the Policy Application
  3. Information was not Timely Updated
  4. Insurance Company Believes the Insured is Committing a Fraud
  5. Many Others

The insurance companies rely on your ignorance of the laws and your rights under the policy of insurance to deny your claim, or make only partial payment, or delay payment of the claim.

There are specific requirements for insurance companies to follow when a claim is made. These requirements are found in the Texas Insurance Code.

The insurance company enters into a contract (bet) with you when you buy an insurance policy. The bet is - you will pay them $$$ monthly, yearly, or some other time frame, and in return they will pay for loses or liabilities that you incur. They are playing the odds and betting you and others like you will not have bets they have to pay on, and in the end they will make a profit. Nothing wrong with that except you need to realize that when you make a claim for benefits the insurance company is essentially losing their bet. They do not like to lose their bets. They (the insurance adjusters) will look hard to find reasons to not pay up. Sometimes their reasons are good...but too often the reasons are not real. Sometimes they fake reasons to keep from paying you. Our office frequently catches someone in the insurance company line of agents or employees falsifying documents to justify their position. Other times, they cite a reason for not paying when they know the reason is not valid, but they rely on you not knowing the reason is not a valid reason.

Reasons to call us:

  • Life Insurance Benefits are being Denied when a Loved One Dies
  • Your Car Damage Claim is Being Denied
  • Your Home Owners Insurance Company is Refusing to Compensate You For Damages
  • Your Short-Term or Long-Term Disability Benefits are Being Denied
  • Liability Coverage You Have Paid for is Being Refused
  • Any Property Damage Claim is Being Denied
  • The Insurance Company is Questioning Your Honesty
  • Coverages Under Mortgage Payments or Car Payments or Credit Cards are Being Ignored

Other problems people have to deal with involve the insurance company delaying payment or making unreasonable requests or demands on you before they will pay. The insurance company does this believing that you will grow tired and weary of the process and just give up.

It is unusual for a claim to be too small to get our office involved. We have been successful on claims as small as $300.00. There are often times ways to make the insurance company pay considerably more than the original amount. These types of claim can usually be hired on a contingency fee basis if a lawsuit results...thus keeping you from having to come out of pocket for huge legal fees. We can help with most all of these situations and in fact really enjoy catching them in their games.

We will talk to you about Private and Commercial policy issues your insurance company refuses to honor.