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Client Reviews

Mark helped me and my mother in law with my husband's life insurance policy after my husband passed away. The insurance had denied us of my husband policy and I never pictured myself needing this kind of assistance but Mark helped us get through it and explained everything along the way. We waited for a little over a year to settle our case but Mark always answered all my questions in a timely manner. We appreciate him and all that he did for us. Thank you

- Lindaah C.

Mark's legal advice on a case involving a family member was spot on. Mark is upfront and honest. His professionalism shows through and truly acts like a friend. He gave great advice, we experienced more than favorable results involving our case. He is well rounded and knows the law, loopholes and intent of the law. He treats his clients with respect, honesty and sympathy. I highly recommend Mark for his specialty areas of law.

- Bryan B.

Excellent attorney! My mother pursued a SMALL life insurance policy to protect our family. In my opinion, small life insurance policies do NOT always receive the same regard as higher valued policies. Upon her unexpected and sudden death, the life insurance company surprised us with a letter stating that the benefits would NOT be issued to our family. Of course, we were devastated, surprised, and grieving. Thanks to the Law of Office of Mark Humphrey's the denial letter turned into a reasonable settlement. Money will never bring my beloved mother back. We are ETERNALLY grateful that this legal team restored the protection that my mother THOUGHT she purchased.

- Keekee R.

Very Good Attorney, my car insurance was trying to rip me off with a claim, hired Mark to represent me on this case and got me the pay out that what was fair. Highly Recommend this lawyer for property damage claims.

- Enrique D.

He did an AMAZING job on my case I highly recommend him for car accidents! Thank you for helping me get what I deserved

- Alexandra P.

Highly recommend Mark goes above and beyond to get you a fair settlement.

- Ariel

A good man can an will help you

- Phillip C.

Handled the whole process and made a stressful situation easy. Thanks!

-Israel T.

Mark the best thing about dealing with you was that I could actually talk to you. It helped that you got the life insurance company to pay. But, the personal contact made me feel like a person and not a number.

- Mike F.

You got the life insurance on my mom paid. That was what my wife and I wanted. Hope we don't need you again but if we do, there will be no hesitation in calling you.

- John R.

We had a good case. Mark said we did and he got the claim paid. My husband and I had talked to 3 other attorneys. Two couldn't help us and one wanted $10,000 to start working. Mark said he would take a fee only if he collected for us.

- Belinda M.

Mark, I've worked hard all my life. I am careful with my money. When I pay a company for something I expect them to work for me. There was no reason for the life insurance company to not pay. I appreciate getting the case worked out for me.

- Tim T.

This was the first time I ever used an attorney. When Dad died it was rough on Mom and my brothers. When the insurance company called my Mom a liar that was too much. Thank you for helping.

- Lashea B.

Mark and his secretary were so easy to talk with and get my questions answered. Mark took the time to explain and make sure I understood every answer he gave me. We compromised at time to settle but I understood my brother's medical history was a problem.

- Lydia M.

My husband died in a car wreck. The life insurance wouldn't pay because they said he died of natural causes. Mark's office filed a lawsuit and hired a doctor proving my husband died because of the wreck.

- Jennie D.

When my grandson died in a motorcycle accident the insurance company said that he had alcohol in his blood and refused to pay the life insurance benefits. Mark hired a guy who knew how to look at the test results from the hospital and that guy wrote a report saying my grandson was not DWI. We had to sue them but we eventually got paid.

- Tamara W.

When the life insurance company denied my claim for benefits, I didn't think I would ever collect. Glad I called Mark.

- Joseph

I always thought the insurance company would pay life insurance benefits when my Dad died. They didn't, until Mark filed a lawsuit against them. He collected for me. Thank you Mark.

- Bob E.