Oil & Gas Law

Many Oil & Gas issues are disputes between the mineral rights or royalty owners and the operator of the lease., i.e.- Chesapeake Energy, Carrizo Oil & Gas, EOG, XTO, etc. Other disputes are between operators of the lease and their partners and or their vendors.

Here are some typical client situations where we do work -

  1. Review existing lease and explain what particular paragraphs mean to client and what the law says can be done if there is a dispute;
  2. Negotiate / draft new leases. Having an oil and gas attorney involved at this point is smart and can save lots of money and heartache down the road;
  3. Advise on pipeline situations, not just price per foot of pipe which is what almost everybody focuses on, but I have a checklist of 18 items which should be in discussed in every pipeline easement. Furthermore, these items will mean future income to the client and prevent things from happening in the future that could otherwise have negative effects;
  4. Clients being paid improperly on their royalties and getting the royalty straightened out plus interest and penalty and attorney fees';
  5. Correct over-riding royalty mistakes plus interest and penalty and attorney fees;
  6. Enforce lease terms that oil and gas companies are violating;
  7. Break old leases that oil and gas companies refuse to surrender;
  8. Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate, remember that a lease usually has 18 to 30 numbered paragraphs and each paragraph means something, that is why the company wrote it into the lease, and that every paragraph is negotiable, if only you know what to change or ask for;
  9. and I am actually surprised how often the oil and gas companies refuse to pay royalty for reasons that are very weak and often times not legitimate reasons. The situations and reasons are too numerous to list here but we get these situations resolved and usually with interest, penalty, and attorneys fees paid.

Here are reasons for you to seek an attorney -

  1. Your lease is only paying a 1/8th or 1/6th royalty,
  2. The last well drilled on your property was before the year 2000,
  3. You have less than one well per 35 acres,
  4. You are negotiating a new lease,
  5. Your royalty payments have ceased, are paid late, are paid slow, or the amount you are paid seems wrong,
  6. Operations / production on your property has ceased,
  7. Drilling or well operations around you are creating a nuisance or effecting your peace and quite with noise or odors.

We can talk to you about:

Drainage issues - Bad faith pooling - Underpayment of royalties - Royalty deeds - Mineral deeds - Water rights - Pipelines - EPA and environmental liability - Lease agreements - Duty to market - Pooling agreements - Surface use agreements - Over-riding royalty interests - Non-participating royalty interests - and much more.